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2011-08-30 21:29:06 by DjMikoZi

meh. meh meh.

A question.

2009-02-21 07:33:22 by DjMikoZi

Is this nice? /214914

I'm back

2008-09-01 15:36:15 by DjMikoZi

i've ended my demo of my new song (Hardstyle).
Ye it was a long time when i last posted here... i was learning and enjoing vacation.

Persona Backing DEMO (HS)

3 Days to EXAMS

2008-04-18 16:44:27 by DjMikoZi

Ye its ONLY 3 days to exam which ends current school, and then I must choose another one... Ye... DAMN! IT'S THREE DAYS!!! And after that choosing school... I can't make it... I KNOW WHAT I WILL DO!!! I WILL KILL MYSELF WITH PLASTIC SPOON!!!

P.S. my project is eee... restarted... Why? You remember my problems with net? Ye... That was viruses! About 350 viruses!! So i had a format of my computer... and I lost my files, programs... everything (it was about 100 GB of data). But don't worry holydays are comin'!

P.S.2 Ye but what with choosing of school (papers, documents etc.)?

P.S.3 I like write P.S.

P.S.4 Realy.

As in topic... my net is working so slowly that I can't even enter Newgrounds... Some kind of fatum is chasing me...

;:sic:; !virus!

2008-02-13 11:23:21 by DjMikoZi

My new software have a virus and I had to deinstal it.. So i'm using old one. Ready made samples... Oh and i don't have any software to make samples into music... So my "New Hope" must wait...

DJ MikoZi - Flasher Approach

New software

2008-02-02 12:32:24 by DjMikoZi

OMG! I have new software, so everything will change! eee... I mean making music will be my hobby work from now not just training! Ye... First submition made in new software soon but be aware it will be made with ready made samples due to that i must learn that program!

"My First Submission and Second Creation"

2008-01-12 14:54:54 by DjMikoZi

Yea, my First Submission and Second Creation have been aproved
And it's here: DjMikoZi - Piatiopia Project